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Qs: about 48-A Western Electric Magneto

Started by Super Dave Osbourne, June 27, 2015, 05:28:29 PM

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Super Dave Osbourne

Hi, new to the boards here at CRPF, and wow what a cool place!  Spent the last few hours reading up, trying to find info on my 48-A magneto (patent paperwork, wiring diagram, other printed info)...  I like the history of stuff as much as the items themselves.  I'd like to get this Magneto working, so I took it apart, cleaned it up, reassembled and it feels like it just might work.  However, there is a part missing, the insert cog holder for the lower winding axel.  I'm wondering if anyone can suggest either folks here that have that kind of stuff, or places to buy/order it online.  Would be great to get this thing working.  Got it delivered for about 30 bucks, so I'd like to keep this small part cost to a minimum making the entire find/restoration just a few hours, and not more than the 30 bucks I already have in it.  Thanks for your time folks, neat stuff to read here!  Cheers.  David


Perhaps these will help...

Super Dave Osbourne

Wow, that second is exactly the series 48 that I have.  Really great stuff the folks at the library have done to bring old documentation (with OCR) to the masses.  Now if I could just find that part I'm looking for, its so simple, thought about making my own replacement out of washer/s with a grinder and files and stack two washers up and hold them in place.  Would really prefer the original part.  Thank you for posting those 3 and 5 bar hand crank magneto documents from the library project!   Anyone have the part for sale to help this guy complete the cleaning and restoration?


In general hand generators are not very sought after; in fact several were given away at the recent TCI Telephone Show. There are countless generators relegated to collector's "bone piles" that would be a great donors for parts you are seeking.  Between the CRP, TCI and the ATCA collectors clubs and forums, you should soon be able to find what you are seeking.


I forgot to include the following..

Super Dave Osbourne

After looking at the provided c.jpg, I believe I'm missing parts E1, E2, and E3.  I'm confident I can make E3.  So as a result I'm looking for E1-2.  Thank you very much for you help in figuring out what I need!  I'll look into the clubs, and shows, and see where that goes.  Super good advice and pointers, and documentation.


 Super Dave Osbourne,
                                Here's a pic of mine .   stub       left click on pic to enlarge
Kenneth Stubblefield

Super Dave Osbourne

Thank you for taking the time to pull the cotter and the parts off to show me.  I'll keep looking for my missing E1 and E2.  I have some requests out to a couple of businesses that sell these parts.  Interestingly, to have these parts delivered from one source is as much as I paid to have the entire thing delivered to start with.  Note to self, and a lesson learned.  Do more homework on exactly what I'm buying in the future.  :)


It's been a long time, but figured I should add a discovery of mine to this anyway.  I can make the spring labeled E1 above, the thing that has a wire in a circle with points on either side.  I either lost one or rinsed it down the drain or something like that but had the generator without it.  What to do?  So I got to thinking last week that keyrings and chainmail look kind of like that except that it has two bent ends.  I went on Amazon and sure enough, there were packages of like 150 rings for "jewelry, chainmail-making (that's a thing?), crafts".  $8 for a package of 10 mm, which is about 3/8".  So I got 150 rings, where the actual part would have been at least $10 delivered if I had been able to find it at all.  It took a few tries, but who cares when you have 150, and using a vice, pliers, and a screwdriver to open the rings, I managed to get one bent at a 90' angle with the pieces of metal 180' apart and in opposite directions, just like the original spring.  So, for that strange metal circle spring, you can use cheap crafting rings and get away with it.  The magneto is fine now.