Author Topic: RARE 1976 REDIFONE VERIFONE 200 PORTAPHONE Cordless Telephone Stromberg Carlson  (Read 1045 times)

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This sure is different....and Pricey!

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Certainly is pricey!

It says in the listing that it cost $400 back in the day. That's $1,692.33 in today's money.

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Seller description:  "RARE 1976 REDIFONE VERIFONE 200 PORTAPHONE Cordless  Telephone Stromberg Carlson. This is considered one of the first, if not first, cordless home telephones manufactured in 1976 with the price tag then of $400! It also offered redial for a busy signal and 1 preset #. A very rare find! Innovative timepiece."

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That is a very unrealistic price on a phone not even created by Stronmerg Carlson. The way the screws are stuck in the holes for the ringer is not very professional in my opinion. That base unit is huge!!
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The good news is that by 1986 both the price and size of a cordless phone came down dramatically!