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« on: December 31, 2015, 04:03:35 PM »
I am currently looking at a HAND TELEPHONE SET-- 211 G1 with a 5H dial dated 1-11-49 and an F-1 handset for a friend of mine. There is no subset with the unit. As I cannot break dial tone, my question would be, is there any way to make the phone dial without the subset. I have verified all wiring on the set using the attached BSP C38.337 HAND TELEPHONE SETS 211A, B, C, D HANG-UP TYPE COMMON BATTERY CONNECTIONS.pdf . Any direction you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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If you connect GN and Y to the line, you will get dial tone, which you have probably already figured out.  Unfortunately, the dial disconnects the receiver during dialing with the BB/W switch on the dial, so during dialing, it will just hang up.  If you put a jumper between BB and W on the dial, that will work, except that you will hear some VERY loud pops in the receiver as you dial because the very feature of the dial that keeps those loud pops away is being defeated.

Doing that is fine for testing, but it is no way to use a phone on an ongoing basis, and it is very uncomfortable to use this way.  Over time, damage can be done to the receiver element.  Not to mention your ears.

There are ways of putting together parts to make a subset, and of course, you can always buy one.  Yoou can also easily convert a donor phone base such as from a 302 to make one.  eBay seller kleenax sells a molded plastic cover for a 302 base which makes a nice and pretty attractive substitute subset.

Without a subset, which is really the electronic guts of a phone, all you really have is a handset and some switches.
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First, the BSP you are using came out of the TCI Library which is astounding since it is an incomplete scan of the original. I am surprised it was even uploaded to the Library.
Consequently, it is somewhat confusing since it doesnít make clear that a subset is needed to correctly wire the circuit. I donít know how you wired a two-wire telephone line to the wires that are shown.While a 211 could be used without a subset, it is not advisable!
 But first, what type of telephone line are you using?
 Is your service provided by a traditional telephone company such as AT&T or Verizon for POTS or VoIP service (FiOS/U-verse), or a cable company such as Charter, COMCAST, etc.?
 Are you able to use other pulse-dialing sets on the same line?  Some service do not support rotary-dialing.

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Thank you both for your response.

My service is a land line from CTL over a Next Level DLC. I can break dial tone with other rotary phones.

I will relay the information you provided and let the owner decide what to do with the phone i.e; subset or jumper.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!