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Finally got an AE 50

Started by Nick in Manitou, June 22, 2016, 04:40:58 PM

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Nick in Manitou

So, do you expect that what the code was originally (when it was legible) "S L 5000 B0" ?

Any idea of what the codes stood for?


I have no idea what the L, PL, SL etc indicates. Jack mentioned something in reference to the coding and the trim on the phone. Maybe some of this info is contained in these first letters. If he knows something in this area I hope he will share!

I know that once AE got to 80's & 90's the first letter referenced the type of network. They started with N and then NA, NB, NC, ND and some models went to NF.

Looking at AE40's I have 50 records in my Excel sheet. I have a 1 D, 20 L's, 14 N's, 1 PL, 3 PN's, 1 SL, 6 SN's and 1 Y and 3 phones with either no numbering or at least these first letters are missing or completely illegible.

Presumably the 5000 on your 50 represents the first version of the 50 with the older larger ringer as Jack mentioned. What the 5001, 5002 ..... Indicates is unknown to me. Likely small revisions but I don't think anyone has seen anything in writing. These numbers don't necesarily appear to start at 5000 and increment. As Jack mentions the 41 and 51 seems tied to the newer ringer type. Each of these 4 digits could represent a specific feature of the phone. In both the 40 and 41 coded sets in my records the vast majority of the 3rd / 4th digits are 20, 22, 23, 24 & 25 though there are a few others.

The B likely means it originally had a dial blank as opposed to A (numbers only dial) or C (numbers/letters dial). Thus was the numbering convention in later AE sets.

I think that 0 was used to indicate Straight Line Ringer as opposed to a 2 digit number to indicate the ringers frequency if other than a SL ringer. Eventually they switched to using SL to indicate a Straight Line ringer rather than a 0 and continued to use a two digit number if it was a frequency ringer. Still later once into the AE 80's and 90's the SL changed to SA with the A indicating adjustable (volume) which frequency ringers never was as an option.


Nick in Manitou

I took another look at the back of the phone last evening and looking at it with a bright light at a low angle, it looks as though it probably was originally stamped as "S L 5000 B0".

I also had a chance to lube the dial with a little Radio Shack contact cleaner/lube at the friction points and it instantly started to return well.

I connected the phone and it works and rings!

Now to get it cleaned up and figure a way to hang it so that it can function but be easily removable (our house is on the market and I am trying not to add any extra holes in the walls).