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Wiring Diagrams for Deco-Tel "BSI" 4100 Candlestick Sets w. Ind. Internals

Started by RotoTech99, August 16, 2016, 11:33:22 AM

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From: RotoTech99
Dear Forum:

I have located some wiring diagrams for the later BS-4100 Candlestick sets equipped with a ATC 203043-01 network, and Independent components. These came to me through a man who used to have a phone shop in OKC, who had these diagrams in his old files; I was in touch with him, and he gave me these files in .pdf format.

The diagrams he gave me reflects a change in the transmitter hookup to the network that is different than the standard ATC diagram with the S-C network used in earlier BS-4100 sets. The BS-4100 sets I have that correspond to the diagrams are dated 1980.

The standard diagram, one for 1A1/1A2 wiring, and 1A1/1A2 wiring, used with Type 3 speakerphone are provided.

A photo of the ATC 203043-01 network is also provided. (It is similar to the SC 425E-3 network)

I wish to pass these on for reference and other use... Upon request I also have photos showing how ITT mini and P-type ringers are mounted within the BS-4100's with Independent components.

If needed, I can also provide the earlier BS-4100 diagrams with the SC network for comparison use.

Thanks, RotoTech99