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Landis & Gyr card phone
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:59:54 PM »
I recently purchased a Landis & Gyr card payphone designed to take optical phone cards from a person who is located in the Vancouver BC area.  I got it new in its original packaging and it seems that it is new old stock ie it was never installed.  From the information I have been able to find online only a hand full of telcos in the US and Canada ever used optical card payphones.  The only ones I know of are BC TEL starting from around 1993 (don't know how long they used them for), which is who I think the phone I ordered was made for.  Michigan Bell did a test with some optical card phones on the University of Michigan campus in 1987 and 1988.  Also the South Carolina department of corrections used optical phone cards for inmate phones in at least one of their prisons in the late 1980's.  Finally what seems to have been the biggest installation in north america was in New York city between 1992 and 1997.  However even though 800 of the card phones were installed in New York City they were removed in 1997 because they were not popular.  I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about these phones because mine did not come with a manual just the phone mounting brackets and keys, in the original box though.  From the photos I posted it looks like it needs an 18 volt AC power supply but I am not sure of that.  Also there are 2 blue sockets that say "answer supervision" and "modem" but there is nothing to plug into them.  I wonder since there were no meter pulses in north america, the phones worked on polarity reversal on answer and or used a modem like a cocot.  Finially if anyone wants the email of the person who sold the phone to me you can pm me on here.
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