Author Topic: Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks  (Read 781 times)

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Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks
« on: November 18, 2016, 05:36:37 AM »
I as selling a WE stick on eBay and got these messages from a watcher

Western candlesticks never had green cords or green felt bases
resto Korean built yes Koreans were huge supliers of hotel phones
in the 20's-30's you have a frankenstien priced right lol

New message from: 3233andrewc (390Turquoise Star)
Ok is the neck made of brass or steel? Western electric practice was very discriminating and repairmen
could build 3 to 7sets per day from thier wagons and stock was the same in every garage Sorry I'm
a retired phoneman and belong to the pioneers I was trained by a guy that started his career feeding the
horses, when I cleaned out his truck in the seventies I started my collection
The green cord is old stock for a one or two box wooden set, when people would move they wouldnt take
the phone with them, a removal order was issued
In the fifties some retirees got together and started Phone Co, it was a great place for phone companies to
dump new old stock and pull custom orders for customers and retirees
My collection doesn't include a green cord with a green felt base, open up the base and look up the stick
rust or yellow?

What is your take on this. I have WE sticks with green cords and green transmitter cords. ...Doug

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Re: Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2016, 05:48:19 AM »
Some 20-ALs (black with nickel transmitter) had green felt + green cords. Probably most 20-Bs (nickel) had green basepl!ate and cords....WE wall phones had red\blue (rattlesnake) or brown. Don't recall seeing green cords on a wall phone.

Which "phone co" is he talking about starting?
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Re: Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2016, 11:41:31 AM »
No candlesticks?  Or no black candlesticks?  Most nickel plated sticks had green cords and bases.  The old catalogs stipulate as much.  Most black ones had brown cords and bases.  That was standard practice.    Two tone phones tend to match whatever the base color is.  There are numerous exceptions, especially for types such as the 20-S and 20-PC which did not use the more common finish.  I would say that cords are more likely to be mismatched than bases.  Earlier phones are more likely to be mismatched than later models (once the old stock of green cords ran out).  Wood phones usually had red/blue pattern or brown cords. Transmitter cords are almost always green, regardless of the color of the other cords.  I have also seen very old red felted wool bases.  Korean repros did not hit the market until the 70s AFAIK.
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Re: Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2016, 04:28:35 PM »
Here is my nickel 20-PC candlestick. It came with what I believe is the original bell set and has a tag inside stating it was last serviced Oct 2, 1917. This "farm fresh" phone has deteriorating brown cords and a green felt base - whats left that is. The striped cords are the the internal leads missing the outer covering. So I agree with Sargeguy, green cords a d felt were used.
- Russ Kirk

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Re: Green Cords On WE Candle Sticks
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2016, 08:58:00 PM »
Green cords and bases were popular on early tlephones. Later brown became standard.
The green stuff was before his time.
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