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Re: Future of POTS & Pulse to Tone Gizmos
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2016, 03:48:52 PM »
Fact is, I cut the cord with POTS about 12 years ago when I went to Vonage.  I am now using the VoIP provided by my cable company.  I am fortunate in that my cable VoIP supports pulse dialing!

I suppose the cable company could change it so the ATA would not support pulse, but it doesn't worry me.  In fact, I am often tempted to ditch it anyway to save money.  I rarely take or make a call on my "land line" any way.  Most calls I make are on my cell phone these days.  I get way more calls from people wanting to sell me things, callers trying to spoof IRS threats, and political calls than I ever get calls from friends or family on that phone number.  So, if that goes away, I would actually be happier.

C*Net is a VoIP network for us phone collectors.  It is generally free.  Free in terms of use, but connecting either requires a VoIP ATA (modem) or configuring an old computer with VoIP cards.  I went the route of an inexpensive ATA supplied by a fellow phone collector.  If you want to know more about C*Net, go to the website.

G series handset one of the best ergonomic designs of 20th century imo.  Soon as I got reacquainted with it, preferable to my cordless-- much less talking into a 6S that's only about 14cm.  Discovered I do tend to pace though, so long line cords for rotaries & a 2500.  ; )

No plans to give up POTS (still want it for emergencies) but quite true about robo calls & spoofing! 

That leads to first question about home PBX.

1.) Possible to have some sort of menu?  Curious if that might be a way to cut down on number of robo calls & phishing.

"You have reached our landline.  Press one if you're a human who wants to speak with us!" 

Wondering if computer would simply dial next number when it cannot get through to answering machine or whatever variable: 'target stupid enough to choose variable OptOut - call again at exact same time tomorrow, or at dinner time...'

I'd seen C*Net on member sigs, so at least I know what it is now.  Nice to know we have a community as I do a bit of planning. 

Definitely something to check out.  : )

I totally agree with what has been said here. 95% of my phone use is over cell. I do have a Majic jack run through a 616. I have it ran to various rooms and outside to the pool deck as well. This winter I will set up a "working" display, I can rotate different phones through, using my 308 displaying any number of working phones, since you can hook up as many as four phones per line.
These Panasonic units can be bought cheap if you keep your eye on EBAY. I purchased mine for about $30 each plus shipping.

It is really the way to go!

Guess that's what makes contingency planning so difficult.  No way to set up or test unless go to VOIP if I understand correctly.

This brings up second question: UPS.  Cell chargers require electricity of course, and cable modem / wifi needs a battery. 

2.) Panasonic, or other devices get their power through phone jack(s) in modem / wi-fi box, or require their own battery if lights go out? 

I probably have a dry sense of humor, but the idea of a dozen of phones all ringing at the same time strikes me as funny.  Probably loud enough to wake the dead!  : 0 !

Be pretty cool to have different ring series for different locations though.  For example, lets say I have a 2554 near kitchen, a 500 in the living room, and a 501 (d) in the office. 

3.) Set them up to ring differently like what I read about party lines, or they'd ring the same-- just different 'extensions?'

As you can tell, I know absolutely nothing about PBXs, but I'm curious about them now.  : )

Thanks for reading. 

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Re: Future of POTS & Pulse to Tone Gizmos
« Reply #16 on: November 25, 2016, 04:31:45 PM »
The 308's and 616's are pretty dumb machines.  No capability for screening or menus.  They are a product from the 1980's. 

They (616) ring in ringing groups of 4 so all the phones won't ring at the exact same time, but they go from group 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 in a round sort of arrangement.  If you have a lot of phones connected, believe me it will drive you/ and or your family nuts!

You could connect the PBX to a UPS, and you would get however much backup the UPS is capable of providing.  However, know that on the 616, outside lines 1-6 get automatically connected directly to extensions 11-16, where you can make calls as if they were connected to the outside world.  If you only have one line, it will get connected to extension 11.  The same goes for the 308, but with fewer lines.

I know the G handset and the AE equivalent are by far better and the land line network all produce a much better audio.  Believe me!  I have a hearing loss and the cell phones are pretty crappy.  But still, I have gone to using the cell phones because it is handy, and I can text and send email from it.  It's a trade-off.

-Bill G

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Re: Future of POTS & Pulse to Tone Gizmos
« Reply #17 on: November 28, 2016, 07:23:47 PM »
Yes, have gone to an iPad & seldom use laptop anymore except to print.  Cell phones irritating because they're always going off, but no contest on convenience. 

Too bad about screening, but at least I know a little more about my options.

That's why I like checking in on occasion.  Figured if anyone knew how to keep the old ones in service-- be the 'veterans' here at CRPF.