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AE PAX & Intercom Fun
« on: December 30, 2016, 01:17:57 PM »
My collection of AE PAX and intercom phones has been two years waiting.  Now suddenly it seems feast or famine!  (Recently acquired a six button desktop model similar to the more common one with a dial in it.)

Anyway, on one auction I picked up a box that had the hole for cord in correct place (about an inch up from bottom of left side) correct cradle, and dial mount that's angled up a bit compared to Type 44 wall model. 

Put a 32A14 handset on it & 24A36 dial.  Works like a charm!  Very pleased with this one because I couldn't even find a reference photo of a PAX style wall phone.  Only one I need now is the little 'space saver' box type with no ringer. 

Meanwhile, also came across a listing where I could snag a couple of 32A14 handsets on single button intercoms, an AE battery eliminator, and a couple of 6 terminal connector blocks.  70 bucks. 

With a power supply, maybe I can start taking a look at manual & LB phones I'd skipped in the past couple of years.  And who knows... I'll need to learn more about it, but I'm thinking about a home PAX or PBX now.  That's probably a bad sign...   Maybe no comments on that last one.  ; )

Anyway, hope everyone has happy new years!