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Re: Telemania P-51 Telephone
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Valkyrie a real beauty.  Looks straight out of the 'space age' era.  : )

So tempting to tell stories & post photos but that might be so OT as to be hijacking.  Wish I could get to Wright-Patterson.  Count myself very fortunate.  In the 1970's grew up on air bases, so got to see quite a few planes as a kid.  (Ground crews were always chasing us away from taxi areas) Randolph air base here still hosts occasional show but they've had to scale back with budget cuts and even in its hey-day in the 70's-- probably nothing compared to Air Museum or Oshkosh.



PS: I checked e-bay for this crazy thing & was amazed at prices!  Some of them used were 120 bucks!

If PT Barnum said "Sucker born every minute" I guess I'm an hour's worth.  One described as 'new in box' was $60.  Can't wait to hear "Airplane Noises"   Be fun for my sister.  :)

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