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*** The "Find of the YEAR" for 2017 ***

Started by AE_Collector, January 21, 2017, 02:03:33 AM

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The "Find of the YEAR" for 2017     VOTE FOR THREE

Sargeguy's Charles Williams top box "N.E. TEL. & TEL. CO. 1890" $181 & $18 shipping on eBay
5 (14.7%)
Doug Rose' Ivory North on eBay for $224 - 10% = $202 plus shipping
7 (20.6%)
nolan613's 3/42 ivory 302 on eBay for $95! plus shipping
3 (8.8%)
Duffy's cast Bronze Bell Canada sign picked up from the previous owner for a reasonable price
5 (14.7%)
Gary Millam's WE blue 302 found on ETSY For $65.00 plus $10.40 shipping
22 (64.7%)
magicbrain's WE 20-F *A.B.T.* transmitter, celluloid Chicago TelCo cover, OST Rcvr ebay $275.00
5 (14.7%)
SUnset2's Old Brass 302 bought at an antique and collectables show in Portland for $35
9 (26.5%)
oldguy's WE Ivory 354 on Goodwill for $9.00 plus $15.23 shipping
6 (17.6%)
Pourme's 1965 green WECo 1500 from a collectible shop for $15.00
8 (23.5%)
Doug Rose's Manual WECo Rose 302 for $65 plus $15 Shipping on eBay
9 (26.5%)
LarryInMichigan's Kellogg Red Bar in pastel blue and ivory on eBay for $40 plus $15 shipping
8 (23.5%)
WEBellSystemChristian's early tenite Garnet Red AE 80 for $25 plus $9 in shipping
7 (20.6%)

Total Members Voted: 34


27 voters in the Find of the YEAR Contest so far. I would sure like to see this annual version of the contest get to at least mid 30's or even 40 voters. Lots of work (mostly done by John) to put it together so please take a couple of minutes to help make one of your favourites the winner!



That's it for the "Find of the YEAR" competition for 2017!

There were plenty of great contestants since each one of them had already won a Find of the Month competition throughout the year. Everyone had good numbers of votes showing that they were all valid "Finds" but that said, it was really a Runaway win for Gary Millam and his WE Blue 302 found on ETSY For only $65.00 plus $10.40 shipping.

Congratulations to Gary and your terrific find from everyone here at the. Lassis Rotary Phone Forum. And thanks to everyone who voted as well as to everyone who had an item in any of the Find of the Month contests through 2017.

Below is your "Find of the YEAR" trophy that John "TelePlay" slaved away for most of the year manufacturing in his very extensive metal, wood, plastic & electrical work shops located behind the hidden door in the back of the pantry cupboard just off of his kitchen! Thanks John!

Here is the "Find of the Month - Winners List" for all contests to date:


Gary Millam

Thank you all for the "Find of the Year" award. I am proud to have won it.
This is a great group of phone folks and I am glad to be a member of this forum.
Happy Hunting to all in 2018.

Gary Millam

Doug Rose

Congrats Gary.....far and away the BEST find of the year. No contest. You should be very proud....Doug

Dennis Markham

Congratulations Gary!  That was a great find.  It makes the rest of us want to keep looking for that elusive "blue 302".

Congratulations too to all of the other 11 entries.  All very nice finds.  It's the hunt, the hunt.........