Author Topic: Just bought a NE 2236QC - my second payphone. Restoring for Stan's controller.  (Read 1395 times)

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Re: Just bought a NE 2236QC - my second payphone.
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Wow, you lucked out with getting both keys! Nice score.
My name is Kenn, and I like telephones.

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Most likely, this set was used by an independent telephone co and the handset became damaged and was reolaced with what was available.ITT not related to NE

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Wiring done! For some reason there were two cables connected to the inside. Both were cut. I have no idea why you'd run two out of the phone?
While waiting for Stan's cable, I wired in my own and plugged the phone in the outlet and got dialtone but the touchtone keys wouldn't work. I reversed them and it worked.  :) I also learned that what you think is a four conductor RJ11 plug on the end of a cable, may NOT be at all! I had one and didn't look at the configuration on the plug, but just the wires at the end. It turned out that it was only wired to three of the pins on the plug and it was reversed!
The cable arrived yesterday and I wired it in according to the specifications on the detailed instructions (where I learned a LOT about real/working payphones) that came with my controller, which I already have connected to my AE.
I now now have two "real life" payphones BOTH working with Stan's controller. For this Northern Electric, I simply flip the two switches down. It was fun to pick up the phone and hear NOTHING, then insert my dime, nickels or quarter, and THEN get the dial tone.
During a call I added another nickel and observed another sound I hadn't heard in 45 years at least.
Funny how just a certain sound or sequence of sounds can bring you back to another era.
I'm glad I bought this phone. I wasn't sure if it was operational at all and it supposedly had only the top "keys." But my end result is now a working payphone with both top and vault key. Now I just need that elusive (or expensive I should say) coin box!
Mark J.

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Glad everything worked out. That payphone was a good choice.

The NE2236QC is a very well built payphone. Northern also manufactured them in 10 button model NE 1236QC.
Both the NE 1236 and the NE 2236 were available in 12 colors.

All the electronics is mounted behind the extended panel that's on the front of the phone. If you wire a handset to the assembly and connect it to a phone line you've got a complete phone (less a hookswitch). Makes it very easy to troubleshoot if there's a problem.
The network has a transformer with a lot of iron. These are very good sounding phones.
The electronics is neatly laid out.
See below.

Stan S.

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I was tempted to take mine apart to see what was in there!
Thanks for the information and picture. I like this phone. Now to find a place to mount it with the controller in between both phones.  :)
Mark J.