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Century Telephone Construction Company Test Card & Schematic

Started by Ktownphoneco, March 09, 2017, 11:19:35 AM

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This post may be of interest to forum members who own an old, local battery magneto type 6529 wall telephone set, made by the Century Telephone Construction Company of Buffalo, NY.    This past weekend, Autonut gave me a factory original Century "Test Card", which was obviously placed inside each telephone before it left the factory. 
The card includes the telephone type or model, the impedance of the installed ringer, which company employee tested the telephone, the date of the test and a schematic diagram of the set's circuits.     At the very bottom of the card is an ink stamp with the name of the Village of Bridgeburg, Ontario.     The Village of Bridgeburg was formed in 1895, and later became the Town of Bridgeburg, and is located directly across the Niagara River from Buffalo.    In 1931 the Village of Fort Erie, and the Town of Bridgeburg were amalgamated and became the Town of Fort Erie, and later, the City of Fort Erie as it's known today.
I'm assuming the ink stamp of "Bridgeburg", placed directly under "Buffalo", indicates that the Century Telephone Construction Company had either a sales outlet or warehouse or both, in Bridgeburg on the Canadian side of the river. 
The telephone was tested on November 3rd, 1909 by someone by the name of "Russ Barton".    This card is in "good condition", and I've attached it with this post in the event anyone wants or needs a copy to complete their Century telephone.      It was scanned at high resolution and if it's printed on card stock, it'll be a very close match to the original card and schematic.

Enjoy the day.

Jeff Lamb


Interesting.... instead of a schematic, they leave a "Test Card" I've never seen anything like it. very unique!