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WE 107B "Spokesman" speaker

Started by AL_as_needed, March 26, 2017, 09:19:17 PM

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Received a 107b telephone speaker from a fellow member the other day and need some pointers on how exactly these hook into a desk set (500C/D or 500L/M specifically).

I know they bridge part of the transmit circuit going to handset and need a wall-wort power supply (also read 9v battery mounted internally works too) but I cannot find any specifics on the wiring color code and placement on the network. 



Red to term GN on network, Green to R on network, bk and y to 10-18 vac 2012b transformer.
You can use 12 vdc on the black and yellow. If you use a 9v battery ill will run down fast.
This will let you hear what the handset receiver hears.



Thank you very much to you both, just the info I needed!


finally got to finishing the "spokesman" addition. I opted for using two 9v batteries in series to power the speaker as I dont have the outlet space for another wall-wort. A tight fit inside to be sure, but works great.

Lastly, and I hope i dont catch too much flak for this; i ended up painting the shell black to match a 501 serving as the host (rather than the moss green 500 it was intended for) as the plastic was a very discolored bright green and this was easier than sanding etc.