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Northern Electric Magnaphone "CM" Series
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:34:11 PM »
I wanted to examine one of these units, but never had the opportunity to buy one before now.     It was listed on eBay, ( listing ) here in Ontario, and I figured it was a good opportunity to satisfy my curiosity.    I was the only bidder and ended up buying it for $19.99 USD.    After what I'll describe as a "discussion" regarding shipping costs and a half dozen back and forth eBay messages, I had the shipping down to an accurate figure of $20.00 Canadian, the package arrived yesterday, Friday May 12th.     
It's a new in the box Northern Electric "CM" Series Magnaphone Intercom.    The Master unit is a "CMA-5A" and the matching station unit is a "CM-5A".       Only the Master unit was originally sealed and in it's original box, which the seller took out in order to photograph the unit.    The station unit wasn't in a box, but after I had a chance to examine both units, it's quite obvious to me that both are new old stock.     In addition to the two intercom units, the sale also included a Northern installation and service manual, outlining how to install the units and what options were available for this particular series, and schematic diagrams.   I've now scanned the installation and service manual, and converted it to a "PDF" file.     It, and several photos of the intercom units are attached.
Something which may be of additional interest, is located in the manual, Section 3, Page 2.   It shows what amounts to a type 211 hanging handset manual telephone unit, with a special "G" series handset which can be connected to the unit in situations where privacy is a factor.      The handset uses a "U-1" receiver cartridge, and an HA-1 receiver cartridge as a "transmitter", not a receiver.
Both units are the exact same size.    Width = 7.5 inches.   Height = 7.5 inches.  Depth at the Top = 4.5 inches, and Depth at the Bottom = 5.5 inches.

And for the attention of "Doug", AKA - "Autonut", it appears this unit was made in Belleville, Ontario in 1958 in the Northern Electric Communications Equipment Division.

Enjoy the evening.

Jeff Lamb


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Re: Northern Electric Magnaphone "CM" Series
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 09:00:20 PM »

Had I known you wanted to check a Magnaphone out, I would have dropped mine off to you.
CDN Doug

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Re: Northern Electric Magnaphone "CM" Series
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Doug   ....  I'm always cautious about playing with somebody else's toys in case I break them.    ;D

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