Author Topic: 202 wiring with "Micro R-C Network"  (Read 110 times)

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202 wiring with "Micro R-C Network"
« on: May 14, 2017, 11:24:21 AM »
I just crammed the Micro RC Network into my 202 D1 with F1 handset. Here are some pics.

I needed no extra terminals


On my line cord the Green conductor is actually blue. so the blue from line cord means green on your line cord.

Black capacitor used was for testing. Final capacitor is hot glued to base.

"Quick connect" connectors used on resistor and capacitor are commonly found in arduino, raspberry Pi and breadboarding projects. The fit nicely on capacitor and resistor leads. These connectors can be hot glued to component for final assembly.

If it helps I can diagram it as well with contacts as marked on 202

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