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Hi All   ...    I have another Automatic Electric type 51A telephone dial for sale.    It's a "new old stock" dial, made in 1972, and equipped with the A.E. typical AK_25 spring switch set.     The dial came with it's original factory box, which indicates it was supplied by A.E. Canada, but the dial itself was made in the U.S.A.     I'm assuming that by 1972, Automatic Electric, like other telephone manufacturers of that time period, had consolidated production of the various products that they made, to specific manufacturing plants throughout North America.     It would seem logical that A.E. would most likely manufacture all their dials in an American plant, and ship what was required, to the Canadian plant in Brockville, Ontario.    I noticed the box only says "Automatic Electric (Canada) Limited, and on another side of the box, it says "A Product of Automatic Electric".
The old lubricant has been removed, and all moving parts re-lubricated with fresh lubricant.     The dial has also been calibrated and is operating perfectly.

1 - New Old Stock Automatic Electric Type 51A Dial   .............    $40.00 Canadian Dollars

Shipping from Kingston, Ontario : To anywhere in the lower 48 States, in the U.S.A. - Canada Post "Tracked Packet - U.S.A.".  Includes insurance, and tracking number.   Cost = $18.70 Canadian dollars, or somewhere around $13.66 U.S. dollars.   They claim 6 business days delivery. 
Shipping : To Canadian address is based solely on a postal code and the price varies based on that fact.     Canada Post "Regular Parcel" is the cheapest, and will include insurance and tracking number.   Examples : Vancouver - $17.81;  Calgary $17.81; Regina - $$15.95;  Winnipeg $15.95; Toronto - $15.21; Quebec City $14.29;  Halifax - $17.06.
The black porcelain number on the dial as shown in the pictures is the original number plate.    However if a different plate is preferred, I'll install any of the other three shown in the pictures. 

If interested, let me know by either a "personal Message", or an email at :

Jeff Lamb

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Re: FOR SALE -- Automatic Electric 51A New Old Stock Telephone Dial
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Seller verified this is still for sale.