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Installer Story(s)!
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:10:03 PM »
So while working at  Cincinnati Bell  one day I was sent on a case of trouble in Avondale. There are a lot of really old building there,from at least the 1800's. Upon arriving the trouble pointed me to the basement. 
As in most basements there were no lights so I had my flashlight always on my belt which I used in this case. This set of buildings were row buildings so often when you went in the basement it was like going inside a cave. The floor was often dirt and you passed from one basement to the next by way of rotted wood doors and piled stone walls. The ceilings were often low,maybe 5 feet. The terminal was always way in the back.
In this particular basement it was very deep it went on a long way and was pitch dark. As I moved from room to room shining my light I all of the sudden saw two red eyes at some distance in front of me staring at me.
I stopped dead in my tracks and listened, there was no sound so I stepped further forward slowly. As I moved forward I could see the shape of a massive creature staring at me,it literally looked like a monster. I was trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at and moved closer as the monster did not move. It was multicolored and appeared dead yet no smell. Suddenly I got close enough to tell what I was looking at. It was a giant teddy bear like you see people win at a carnival,the basement was damp and the bear was covered with mold. You cannot imagine how relieved I was,it was another adventure in the life of a phone man.
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Re: Installer Story
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 10:24:52 PM »
Ur a better man than I....I wouldn't have probably cut and ran when I saw the red eyes! :o

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Re: Installer Story
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Ur a better man than I....I wouldn't have probably cut and ran when I saw the red eyes! :o
Me too Benny, I would have been outa there.

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Re: Installer Story(s)!
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Up in an attic in the dog days of summer. It was just real hot out and even hotter in the attic. I had to get a wire down in an interior wall and was working my way to the approximate area in the attic. Flashlight probably in my mouth (before I ever saw those newfangled headlights for your head or hard hat) as I moved along from rafter to rafter.

What the heck is that up ahead? I kept moving closer but much slower now....what the...a wasp nest but holy crap...its huge! This thing was easily two feet in diameter and wouldn't you know it, very close to where I need to be. I figured though that the wasps are inside and they aren't flying around in the attic. They are entering the nest somewhere likely directly from the outside. So I found where I needed to drill and drop the wire into the wall cavity, it was maybe 5 to 7 feet from the nest was but still way closer than I wanted to be to it. I figured if I tripped and fell into it....I would likely be dead.

Got the job done and got the heck out of there but the memory of that job has never gone away!

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