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Over the past few years, several problems have been discovered all related to uploading images on/to the forum.

1)  Large Image Files would lock up a topic requiring Administrative Level Access to delete the offending reply containing the image. The allocation of system resources was increased to prevent topic locking. This locked topic was corrected by way of a software allocation patch and has not appeared since that patch was put into place - been fixed.

2)  Externally Linked Images posted to the forum since its beginning have been lost due to Picasa moving its images into Google Photos and recently PhotoBucket blocking images to external linking unless annual membership dues are paid for each account. There have been other externally linked images lost from other sites for various but similar reasons - broker URL links. As such, any images to be displayed on this forum must be done so by attaching them to a topic or reply. Six (6) images are allowed per topic or reply. If more than 6 images are to be uploaded, a second or third etc. reply can be created.

3)  All uploaded images are subjected to an Extensive Security Scan which might find suspicious code within the image and if so may result in a "security error" message on your screen. The best advice right now is to just upload reasonably sized images (see #4 below) and over 99.6% of the time they will pass the security scan and be uploaded to the forum. If, however, you do encounter a "security error, " the image will have to have its meta data removed and/or be resized a bit to eliminate the suspicious code. More on this can be read in a forum detailed discussion should it occur.

     Again, almost all images of reasonable size will upload without raising the "security error" issue. If you have one or more of these "suspicious" images and do not know how to remove the meta data, you can read how to do it at the BatchPurifier Lite forum topic or send me a PM and I will help you. Chances are you will never encounter the "security error" when uploading reasonably sized imaged.

4 a)  Large Image Files will cause the computer display to stop showing only the browser tool bars at the top of the screen (example attached below). The uploaded image and text do not appear. This is due to trying to upload an image file that is greater than 3 MBytes in size. It has always been highly suggested that anyone uploading an image make sure that it is no more than 2,000 pixels on its largest size and the image file size not exceed 2 to 3 MBytes in size.

        An image with its largest side being 1,500 to 2,000 pixels and saved in the jpg format will be under 3 MBytes in file size and still have sufficient resolution to provide a high quality thumbnail which when clicked on will enlarge to show very good image detail.

   b)  It is the responsibility of the posting member to crop and/or reduce the size of an image so that it is under 3 MBytes. Failure to do so may result in the "white screen" due to the system running out of now more than sufficient allocated resources for image processing. The image screen load stops when it fails to complete image processing due to it's large size.

   c)  If that happens (you get a while screen when uploading an image), the only solution is to click on the browser "back" arrow, refresh the screen (F5), and attached a smaller version of the image that caused the white screen. Only the uploading member can recover from the "white screen" by going back one page and replacing the large image with a smaller version of that image. No exceptions - moderators can not help a member recover from a "white screen" other than writing his long paragraph.


Anyone needing any help cropping and/or resizing images can send a Personal Message (PM) to me and I will help you edit an image.
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