Author Topic: $15,000.00 US for a plaque. Things that make you go Hummm!  (Read 405 times)

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$15,000.00 US for a plaque. Things that make you go Hummm!
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:38:32 AM »
Found this on eBay.

This is what the seller said about it.

$15,000.00 US Super rare and might be the only one left. This is the sign that was on one of the WHITE ALICE site's in Alaska. I purchased it from one of the demolition crew members that had the notion to save it from a land fill when they demolished the site. Take a good look, then google White Alice US AIR FORCE to find out more about this sign. Feel free to make an offer.
“It has some issues with the aluminum slight corrosion.”
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Re: $15,000.00 US for a plaque. Things that make you go Hummm!
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 11:06:35 AM »
That got me interested in doing a little digging.

Yes, it may be a very rare one of a kind only one left in existence but I'm sure the seller has no idea of what it's worth so stuck a very high BIN, knowing it won't sell that way, and hoping to get offers to determine the current market value of the sign. The is the construction contract plaque denoting the electronic hardware designed and installed by WE on a Air Force hill top base, not the plaque that would be on the base headquarters building, if they had one, that would not have had a date.

This is one plaque from one of about 22 other similar Air Fort bases or camps that make up the defensive surveillance line off of which were in Alaska meaning, I suppose, they were looking for ICBMs coming from the west, unlike the 97 or so DEW line sites that ran across Canada (east and west) looking north over the polar cap.

Lot of great history and historical value in this plaque but what's that worth? I'd offer $50 which is more than he bought it for and most likely less than he will be offered and/or accept. Interesting item, indeed but what's it worth is the big question. If this were an auction, we could have done a special auction contest.
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Re: $15,000.00 US for a plaque. Things that make you go Hummm!
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2017, 05:16:38 PM »
Wonder how much those amalgamations of debris cost the government new?  Growing up and becoming old alongside such programs, it seems sad to consider nuclear annihilation has exacted such a ransom.
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