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17th Northern California Telephone Show
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:35:41 PM »

17th Northern California Telephone Show

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The show hours are from 8:00 AM till Noon.
Setup starts at 7:30 AM (Table holders only)

St Francis Episcopal Church
1205 Pine Ave (corner of Pine and Newport)
San Jose, CA

Simple Directions: Use Yahoo Maps or other internet based map service.
The church is located in the vicinity of Hamilton East, past Bascom and Meridian.
Hamilton East becomes Pine after crossing Meridian.

Admission $3 - Tables $10 Payable in Advance
Mail table fee to: G.Goff, 3805 Spurr Cr, Brea, CA 92823

There will be a silent auction at 11:30 AM so bring those items
you would like to donate to the clubs or sell for yourself.
For more information,

contact Gary at 714 528-3561
714-928-6352 or email:

- or -
Hal Belden, 408-377-5864

Coffee and donuts provided. Donations appreciated

In keeping with our charter to educate collectors,
please consider bringing one or more of your very favorite telephone items
to display on special tables set aside for that purpose.
We will have large cards for you to use in identifying your display item.
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