Author Topic: FOR SALE -- W.E. Celluloid Number Plate - 1935  (Read 364 times)

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FOR SALE -- W.E. Celluloid Number Plate - 1935
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:58:30 PM »
I have for sale a 1935 Western Electric Celluloid number plate in "very good" condition.   There is some minor scratching from finger nails most likely, but the scratches haven't penetrated the celluloid coating.     See pictures below, and if you have any questions, please "PM" me.     Shipping by Canada Post if it's going to a Canadian address, and Canada Post & the U.S. Postal Service if purchased by a forum member in the U.S.A.
Shipping Specifics :  Canada post does not provide a flat rate service with "free" boxes.   Customers have to provide their own packaging.    However Canada Post does provide a flat rate service to the U.S.A. based on box size and weight.   The box needs to be within specific dimensions, and under a certain weight.    If the package complies with the given parameters, shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states is the exact same price.   There are 2 prices involved :  1st is "Tracked Packet - U.S.A."  and the cost is $18.61 Canadian dollars.    As per the name, it's tracked by both Canada Post and the U.S.P.S. to it's destination.    Insurance is included, and will be insured for $50.00 Canadian.   The 2nd method is Small Packet - Air - U.S.A.    Cost $11.29 Canadian, but there's no tracking, and no insurance coverage available.    If it goes missing in action, that's it, it's gone and no refund.
Shipping within Canada - there's no set price for any type of service.   XpressPost and Regular Parcel service are the two most common methods of shipping, and both are based on package size, weight and the destination postal code.    If interested and living in Canada, send me a "PM" with your postal code and I'll work out a shipping cost.   All prices in Canadian dollars.    Don't forget to convert to U.S. Dollars if living in the U.S.A.           

Price :  $40.00 Canadian dollars

Shipping to U.S.A. - $18.61 - "Tracked Packet - U.S.A." which includes delivery confirmation and insurance of $50.00
                              $11.29 - "Small Packet - Air - U.S.A." - No tracking, no delivery confirmation, no insurance and NO REFUND if it goes M.I.A.

Shipping in Canada -  Price is based on box size, weight and destination, and shipping classification, i.e., Regular Parcel or XpressPost.    Insurance is included in the last method, but not in the
                                first, but it is available at extra cost of $2.50 Canadian. 

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Re: FOR SALE -- W.E. Celluloid Number Plate - 1935
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 05:17:59 PM »
it is strange how celluloid fades differently. Here is a IV 37 I have for sale...Doug