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Northern Telecom made in USA Display Phone

Started by Doug Rose, October 22, 2017, 10:28:16 AM

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Doug Rose

Jan found this at the local Flea Market this morning just as she was leaving. It has been used but it is in wonderful condition. In original box, but unfortunately no manual.

Northern Telecom made in USA?? I thought NT was Canadian. In info on this would be greatly appreciated ....Doug


NT had plants around the world including in the USA.

I recall something about a model 1000 and a 1200 but think they looked about the same. Don't know what the difference was. They were basically a dumb terminal that could be hooked to various 1980's technology to program. I think they were capable of two phone lines.

I have one that I picked up on the side of the road during "Spring Clean Up" years ago. Sorting Vlean Up is a now obsolete process of putting your excess unwanted stuff out at the curb where people could pick through it before it was loaded into garbage trucks on garbage day.



Doug   ...   Take a look at this web site page, it might give some more information specific to that unit.     I see a stamp on the side of the box in one of your pictures that might give a clue as to where it was used : Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.     Interesting.

Link :



Very interesting piece of 80's technology. Lots of government stuff in Langley, both on & off the books, fun to speculate where this might have been used. I wonder if it has any memory? Might be something covert stored inside?
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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     Nice find by the bride. Those display phones were sure impressive back in the mid 80s. I have one stored away somewhere..."sorta" recall mine was made in Mexico . When I was done with a DMS 100 /remote installation I was given one. I actually used it for packet radio (data over ham radio) used the modem at 900 baud ...about as fast  and functional as an electric can opener.
     Northern had a very large presence in Raleigh , North Carolina at Research Triangle park. Their training center and Network HQ was there. Vaguely remember somewhere else , maybe Durham they did have a factory or assembly unit.  Spent months and months at their training center. 
     Doug you probably know that in New England Tel ...ALL  switching equipment was installed by New England Employees ( EI Dept )Not Northern , WECo. ,  Nippon ,or Seimens et al .
     So I lucked out and enjoyed lots of time in Raleigh for training.
   Andy F
Andy F    K1WI


Oldphoneworks had at least one.

Wonder if they had the manual and maybe made a copy?


Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

"There is no try,
there is only
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Congrats Doug, as usual, Jan found another winner.


  What is the E. I. Dept??

    ......... EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION DEPARTMENT ...  unique to New England Tel  part of     " PLANT DEPT "

Andy F    K1WI


Nice find, I have one in a original box as well, it is missing the power supply. Mine is from the city I live in.

Here are a couple files to help you out Doug.


I'm about to donate mine to the Communications Museum in Seattle. Got it when I was working for Data General in the 90s. They were evaluating it and had no further use for it. The power supply had died, which is probably why you find so many without them.

If you have no power supply, here are the details:

The plastic style case (model NT6K01AA) is 110 VAC, 0.50 A input and has output ratings listed as:

    +5V at 2.0 ADC
    +12V at 0.8 ADC
    -12V at 0.1 ADC

The power supply DE-9F pin out has been visually determined as follows (along with the cable color used on the NT6K01AA PSU).

    Pin 1: +5V (white)
    Pin 2: +5V (yellow)
    Pin 3: N/C (purple)
    Pin 4: +12V (orange)
    Pin 5: N/C (red)
    Pin 6: -12V (brown)
    Pin 7: N/C (green)
    Pin 8: Common (blue)
    Pin 9: Common (black)

Much more at:

Ed Morris

Neat phone, but a new one on me.  What did you see on the display in 1980?


wonder what it would cost now... with LED displays and all... I bet every house would have one!

Hill Haven Telephone Company

I have one,  Makes a great serial console for my asterisk box,   And I use it as my daily driver speakerphone. 

Keyboard isn't great,  they had different revisions with different style keyboards

Here is a good resource for it too