Author Topic: Collection for sale in SE Washington includes working 555 switchboards.  (Read 223 times)

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Came across this in my travels.  Just spoke to Dan to see if the switchboards can be bought separately, but they're all part of the package.  There's only a couple items of interest to me, the stick on the scissors mount (pic #1) and one of the working 555's, but it's all or nothing.  The rest of the collection looks rather picked over. 

In either event, I'm curious about a couple of the switchboards.  I recognize the 555's, but the "OD green" one (I'm guessing it's a military board) and the wooden table-top one I have not seen before.

I asked about the object in the upper left of picture #7 on the CL ad, it's a Morse Code training machine that used punched paper tape.

Antique Telephones and Switchboards - $2000 (Benton City)

Antique Telephones and Switchboards $2000 OBO

Here is a collection of antique telephones and switchboards as is. It is what is left of my fathers collection. The phones, excepting the switchboards, are packed into 29 or 30 moving boxes, all marked with the contents and ready to load. The bulk of the collection is near the Tri Cities in Eastern Washington. He did have the two Western Electric 555 switchboards working. Arrangements would have to made to pickup the collection there.

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