Author Topic: Blue and Ivory Kellogg 1000  (Read 1364 times)

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Re: Blue and Ivory Kellogg 1000
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Re: Blue and Ivory Kellogg 1000
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The powder blue color of the shell is the best color of any phone in my collection.  It is an awful shame that a chunk is missing on the bottom edge.  Judging by the location and shape of the damage, I am confident that the damage was done by a genius trying to pry the shell off of the base with a screwdriver.  They could have at least glued back the broken pieces.

I have been using the phone as my working desk phone for now.  I might have a spare SL ringer somewhere in my mess, but I haven't found it yet, so the phone is still ringerless, as I expect it has always been.  There are no markings from where a ringer would have been attached.  I could add a dial, but the beautiful ivory plaskon blank with the pristine card and card retainer looks too good to remove.


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Re: Blue and Ivory Kellogg 1000
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I would of suspected a "clear bar" plunger on this set. Great find
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