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Repro transmitter face with bulldog parts
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:22:41 PM »
I purchased this lot mainly to get the repro plastic transmitter faces that have threads for the "bulldog" WE/NE 635A guts for an F1 transmitter unit....I am wondering if anyone still makes these.

Now, I prefer the 151AL dial candlestick, which was a conversion of older types, and equivalent to 302 anti-sidetone circuit when used with a subset such as 684BA or 634BA. These 151AL conversions were done all the way up to 1948 because of shortages during and after the war. So, they usually have bulldog transmitters and 706A receivers (with same HA1 receiver unit as a 302)....however, Sonny's customers don't like bulldogs, and I don't like trying to make do with an original brass transmitter with soldered F1 or T1 unit, I'm thinking that I'll furnish with bulldog, but include (in a paper sack) one of these fake transmitters that take a screw-in mpc. but don't require soldering:

In the first picture, it's the 2 transmitters at the top with the F1 unit inside.
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