Author Topic: Looking for a Kellogg Type #84 hook switch actuator stuff  (Read 98 times)

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Looking for a Kellogg Type #84 hook switch actuator stuff
« on: November 19, 2017, 05:37:22 PM »
I have a complete Kellogg manual stick that is missing the actuator stuff. This is the part that connects the hook stuff to the hook switch.

The hook is stamped #84. I have diagrams for the type #28, #83 and #85 sticks and they show a different set up for the actuator stuff.

The #84 has a chain like link that attaches to the actuator stuff on one end and the other end has a stuff, square stuff connected to the hook switch spring leaf and the chain link with a screw which pivots the square stuff and the roller against the spring leaf to open the contacts when going off hook.

The Type #28,83.85 actuator stuff has a roller on the end which attaches to the spring leaf directly. The Type #84 has the chain link requiring an actuator stuff that has a notched end that would fit around the chain link axle, something like the cut brass flat rod shown in image #5.

Images show the missing #84 stuff next to a #28/83/85 stuff and the "chain link" part used to connect with the actuator stuff.

Pictures #3 and #4 show the Old Style #28 which is different than the New Style #28 with the actuator stuff attached. Seems Kellogg tried several different designs over time and I can not find anything about the #84 hook switch set up. The Old Style #28 does show how all of these work. When the receiver is placed on the hook, the stuff moves to the other side of the column making the stuffs straight and moving the switch about 1/4" to break the contacts.

I can not figure out the design, angle or length of this actuator stuff. If anyone has a diagram of a Type #84 or actually has a stick just like this and would be so kind as to open it up and take a side and front picture of the stuff with a ruler next to it so I could make one, that would be great.

Looking for the piece that would be in the white circle in the first image.

Reply or PM me if you have information. I've been working on this for about 3 months now and at a dead end.
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