Author Topic: FYI: Interesting online telephone auction set for December 7th 2017 at 6 pm EST  (Read 706 times)

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Auction house is in New Hampshire so anyone local can attend in person.

Took me a bit of searching but finally found the items up for sale: 
==> <==

I counted about 108 telephone or telephone related items with reasonable set opening bid prices. This is the the auction crier:

Main Ephemera, Advertising, and Collectibles Auction
Featuring a Collection of Antique & Vintage Telephones
Thursday Dec. 7th @ 6 pm
Preview: Thur. Dec. 7th 2 - 6 PM or by appointment

100+ Lots of Antique & Vintage Telephones & Accessories

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A lot of interesting items and reasonably projected selling prices.


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Definitely an interesting auction! Thanks for sharing, John! ;)
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I see what you mean John...I missed your link to the actual items and clicked on the auction link from where I went around and around in circles trying to find a telephone...any telephone...,where are the telephones!

Then I found your link at the top of your post.


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I ended up buying a few phones from this auction.  Wanted to buy some more, but the auction went to fast.  The last item I actually didn't even want, I was bidding on the item before this one, and the bidding ended and went to the next item right when I hit the bid button.  I'm trying to get out of buying this one, but I'm probably stuck.  20al + ringer $40, 50al $65, 584 $20, payphone $180, swedish american $100.

The payphone description says it is a Phoneco telephone, so I'm anxiously waiting to see how authentic it is.
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Nice haul Dave. Good prices too. How is shipping?

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shipping is always a little expensive from them.  however, they pack well - oversized boxes filled with bubble wrap.