Author Topic: Restoring a 233G that has some "issues" -- Been away for awhile and need some advice  (Read 1505 times)

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Thanks Stan - I forgot about that difference with the trigger! (Trainman, we were both sorta right on the relay compatibility... ;)) For comparison, Shovelhead, as you do the mod, here are a couple pics of the 4-contact relay's hopper trigger.  You can see that there is a piece of the trigger that extends thru a rectangular hole in the hopper - no way any coin can sneak by!

I'm wondering if you can take part of the plastic you remove from your hopper trigger and simply re-glue it to create the correct longer shape you need....
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I think it would be too small but you know those fake plastic cards that AARP sends with their never ending solicitations? I'm thinking of trying that out.

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I stopped opening their mail years ago.
All of it goes straight in the garbage.
Biggest con job on the planet.

If you know anyone that uses a glucose meter, a test strip should be perfect.

Stan S.