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Re: AE 3 Slot Payphone Basics
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Payphones are fascinating, maybe especially the North American 3 slot phones. This thread shows me the need of a book about North American 3 slot phones and their technical solutions.  (Haf; you may be the writer?)
So far this thread is the best we have, and I want to say thank you all far all that information!

Please correct me if I am wrong or you disagree.

OK even the extremely rare wooden payphones are of great interest, but when it comes to rotary It looks like Gray "invented" the 3 slot pretty vandal resistant nice looking telephone with a system for recognizing the coins by sound signals.

Compared to European square boxes the 3-slotter are nicely designed, and smaller.  The validators was so well designed so they survived for decades! And even pretty early the prepay with coin return was an option. In Norway the payphones with coin return needed 2 pairs until lat 1960'ies.

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