Author Topic: Hubcap heaven! 1908 Wisconsin ,1908 Use the Bell Universal Service +1947 Canada  (Read 110 times)

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Hi Guys,
3 great hubcaps actually arrived on the same day. The 1908 Wisconsin was hunted down in a Michigan auction. The rare 1908 Use the Bell Universal Service hubcap  came along  with the excellent condition  1947  Canada Bell  with an 1930's United Telephone sign, still  being cleaned up, from a longtime collector living in Texas.

I deliberately placed them side by side for feedback about the colors.  The 1908 Wisconsin is a nice  cobalt blue. The rare Use the Bell is a darker blue
not present on my other 1908 ,1921 or 1947 Bell hubcaps. The white background on the Use the Bell actually has some blue showing through! The white layer on the Use the Bell appears thinner   than the 1908  Wisconsin   hubcap.
Bob Farber