Author Topic: Unusual Southeastern Telephone Co 3.5 x 8 1/8 Underground Telphone Cable Sign  (Read 514 times)

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Hi Collectors,
I purchased this N.O. S. porcelain sign on Ebay after a vicious battle. I have been trying to find an image of it anywhere and cannot . When researching the name online  I found  a reference to a lawsuit involving  a co with this name listed as a Fla corp in 1965. I also found a Southeastern Telephone Co of America, Southeastern Telephone Co of Georgia,   Southeastern Telephone Co of Wisconsin, and a Southeastern Telephone Co (Ark) I have seen many underground telephone cable signs online and in references but nothing like this.

It is pristine with a fewhints of surface rust that were easy to remove by touch. Plate is about 1.5 mm thick . There is very clear porcelain ledging similar to signs of the 40's or 50's. 

Does anyone recognize the co name,  the sign or have one? 
Bob Farber

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Hi Guys,
An inquiry to the Ebay seller indicated that this sign was one of 5 belonging to a 93 yo man's estate . He was a lineman in his younger days and worked for many years at the Milan Arsenal in Jackson, Tennessee. I would then eliminate the Southeastern Telephone Co of Wisconsin  as a possible source.
Bob Farber

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I think they were in Florida
Greg Sargeant
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Southeastern Tel was a part of the Central Telephone (CENTEL) sysaten. The public service logo was their emblem. Here are 6 service pins with the same public service emblem. Notice the pin on the right says both CENTEL and Central Telephone.

Central Telephone's largest operation in Florida was in Tallahassee.

CENTEL was bought by Sprint. In 2006, Sprint spun off the former Centel telephone subsidiaries when Sprint formed Embarq. CenturyLink now operates the former Centel network.

An online history of Central Telephone states Southeastern served Northwestern Florida.

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Thanks for the excellent history reference. I learned a few things.
 I couldn't decide  if the Southeastern sign would need to spend its  time alone on the wall greeting visitors to my sign room or with the mint 1947 era Bell system underground telephone cable  sign I just bought on Ebay.
 In the end I have the Bell sign adorning the opposite side of the entry.
If I decide to add general porcelain advertising to my room perhaps a door push sign would work well below the SE sign or another lesser know independent sign.
Good way to  start the new year.
Bob Farber