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Re: Millennium with Keyboard
« Reply #60 on: May 23, 2018, 10:21:05 PM »
The best you can ever hope or is no more then Stans controller, the phone with the EPROM is a dumb set with limited ability that is what it was built as. It is dependent on office supervision and a offsite data base.The fact that no one is discussing answer detect,or rate and options shows  the lack of understanding on the function of a true smart  set. I am not even sure that the EPROM supports reverse battery as that would require decision making. I believe at best it has a timer on off hook time and a collects when you exceed the timer run out. Understanding tha a true smart set like a Protel is literally a central office in a phone. A. Mini CO with a station and a trunk,it can be programmed for office supervision on a coin,or office supervision on reverse battery non coin line or answer detect which is listening for speech or SIC tones. It also monitors Wink to avoid chain dialing. A smart set can detect Glare if properly programmed and deal with custom calling features that are not supposed to be on a  COCOT line. Any talk of somebody creating a,program that can deal with all of this shows,complete lack of understanding of the telephone network. It would take a room full of engineers years to accomplish this task. I you really want a millennium to work figure out how to put Protel guts in it. That would be a much easier task.

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Re: Millennium with Keyboard
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I wonder if a protel board can be retro fit into his millennium set to give things like timing of calls coin insert for dialed call complete, and operate the coin relay for collect or return for incomplete calls. I've seen protel boards for fairly cheap, working. Programming wouldn't be too difficult.

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Re: Millennium with Keyboard
« Reply #62 on: May 24, 2018, 01:44:06 AM »
I am the same. I was sent a demo chip with some minor changes so it would display my Phone Co. name. It will collect coins  on completed calls through my AE SxS switch, which provides polarity reversal call supervision. It will read an older CC, but does not call to verify the card, even though the display says it is doing so. It charges a quarter for local calls and a dime for long distance, and counts a nickel as 6 cents!  ADavid

I have a Millennium too that I'd love to use, who did you get in touch with? I wonder if he'd send me a firmware file :P