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« on: January 18, 2018, 01:56:02 PM »
I have a spare QDBIUI or (QDB1U1?) dial from an NE/NT ALexander Graham phone . this number was taken from NT practices as the dial itself has no markings . I was wondeting if this can be decked out or fixed up for another use but it seems like a rather odd dial.

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Re: NE QDBIUI dial
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Hi, if its the one I think it is, its basically the same as WE's #9c dial...

The numeral plate basically has formed tabs that twist lock into a plastic hub surrounding the dial spider and mainspring.

The fingerstop pushes down into a slot with a locking tab.

They replaced the older 9 type dial, and could accept different numeral rings.

The dial #8F, and 8H, are basically the same way. (They replaced the #8A dials).

Perhaps the only flaw was if you overtightened the self tapping screws in their plastic mounts,  it could  crack/split them...which i think were a type of nylon supposedly more durable than ABS.

That dial can basically be used with any phone that will mount it, just chose the appropriate dial bezel plate.

If the underlying designation ring is cardstock, you could put sheet laminate on it to make it last longer, or get the adhesive dial overlays to replace them.

I hear OPW & Phoneco are good sources for them... Some may not match up to the original look, but it makes the dial still useful.

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