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Hi Collectors:
I set out  with the  Mrs in tow for the winter ATCA show in Maitland Fla. I was searching for porcelain signs but alas there were none. My wonderful wife sighed a breath of relief .However I picked up this excellent condition unused Telephone index with two patent dates of 1920 and 1924. Cost $100.

My wife was happy that  I was living up to my promise not to buy any more candlesticks  or wood phones. Then I got to talking with Vince Wilson from my own state of De  who kindly gave me a tutorial on pay stations as he was not too busy. I came home with  a nice shelf type  Gray 20 pay station circa 1912. I've always wanted a pay station. I may change out the direction card to one with Bells or the independent logo. 
Any Thoughts are welcome.
Bob Farber