Author Topic: Wanted: ATC Empress Deluxe Cradle phone shell & handset, as-is  (Read 136 times)

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Wanted: ATC Empress Deluxe Cradle phone shell & handset, as-is
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:53:42 AM »
Dear Forum:

I am looking for the upper shell with cradle in any color for a ATC Empress cradlephone with an opening for a rotary dial, please. It should also have any springs, brackets, and hardware associated with the cradle, please.

I am also looking for an as is deluxe handset I can take parts from to rebuild a deluxe handset  for my ATC Empress I am trying to rebuild.

So far, I have all but an upper shell with the cradle assembly, and a spare deluxe handset to get parts from to finish rebuilding mine.

I would thankful to whomever has these parts, and would be happy to reimburse postage, and whatever the cost of what I need is; I know parts for the Empress cradlephone are tricky to find.

This phone has sentimental value to me, which is my reason for making such an effort to rebuild it. So, if anyone can please help, I would be most thankful to them.

The attached photos show what I'm looking for; photo 1 shows the hookswitch actuator & spring, photo 2 shows the cradle shaft and retainer nut holding it, photo 3 shows the transmitter horn mounting ring that goes on the handset, and photo 4 shows the type cradle I need. The last picture is the hookswitch actuator laid on it's side.

I have the brackets and some of the hardware, but it is the components I've noted that I need, please.

If I can salvage what I need from an otherwise junk housing or handset, that would suit my need. If anyone has these, please contact me.

Thank you,
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