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So I won this Gray/Western 174 on Ebay and....

Started by Gary Z, March 01, 2018, 01:07:12 AM

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Gary Z

Well, it looked and smelled like a 174 and it was. The number on the back was not legible but the rest of it seemed right. Item #332551905977 They had no key for it but they did mention that the bells and wires were inside. Well there was a bell and wires inside but it was missing the coin chutes, hopper and relay and whatever else you can notice. I would like to complete the phone so I am looking for the correct parts. Any thoughts and/or comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks,
Gary Z


As converted to a 174G, it would have had a 10-cents stainless steel chute. Jim has a bunch of C-stock 10c chutes (payphone installer on this forum).

Corrected: As Jim said, 174GT had a single coil relay.
Part number P-10E786 per BSP 506-319-403, Issue 1, 8/59 (in 1969 NET&T Installation Handbook, Vol.2)
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Payphone installer

The 174GT is a rare phone. I would have to go out and look but I am pretty sure that the GT meant single coil relay. The chute would have been stainless. So you need a single coil relay and a later hopper like in a 223 or 233 50's payphone. I have all those parts. Lots of folks want to take the phone and return it to its early two piece role. I personally disagree with doing that. So many 174's have been butchered that they are becoming rare. I would restore it to a 174GT. Here is the chute you need in the box with the screw to hold it in. Item 372224468350 on eBay but seller ATCA which is me. Jim