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Associated Tel Co , LTD Deskset to WE subsets wiring diagram

Started by stub, March 18, 2018, 02:44:55 AM

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 As posted by Rick Saint , 2016  , TCI Photos - Show and Tell .
               " I found this schematic on Ebay with a AE 1-A phone for sale. It is an original Associated Tel - AE 1A to WE Subset Schematic. I thought some collectors may be interested, it is different than others I have used or seen".
                Looks like this is for a candlestick (AE Type 21 desk stand ) telephone.  stub
Kenneth Stubblefield


Thanks for posting that base schematic Stub.     Your right, it's for an A.E. type 21 desk stand.       I used it to  re-configure an existing A.E. schematic for the type 21, but showing it connected to a Western or Northern 684 and the earlier Western anti side tone earlier subscriber sets.      I've attached the conventional schematic as a "jpeg" and in "pdf" format.     Double click to enlarge.

The schematic will be forwarded to the TCI Library for uploading.

Have a great evening.

Jeff Lamb


This feels so familar, I have a D1 from Associated Telephone Co LTD  and hav never been willing to buy a subset, cost shipping included has been $200 to norway, that is far to much.

I did work out several solutions and made some diagrams here:

Feel free to use them as you want.

It works well both with that triad circuit, and with a subset made out of a Norwegian telephone base wired pretty equal to the WE 302 or the W.E. 634 subset.



Sorry folks, I posted a schematic earlier today with an error in the drawing.     One wire should have been removed completely, but I missed it somehow and it's only partially removed.
I'll correct that and re-post. 

Again, sorry about that.

Jeff Lamb


Good evening all  ....    The schematics, both the "jpeg" and the "pdf" have been corrected.    Sorry for any inconvenience.

Jeff Lamb

Rookie Hoyer

I lost track of this post. The diagrams you sent look great.
Thank you very much.