Author Topic: Info. on these 2 wall phones please, an Ericsson and Kokomo wood wallphones  (Read 590 times)

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Hi all,
It's been awhile since my last visit. I have these 2 double box wall phones I need info. on and mostly, which one of the 2 would you keep (I only have room for 1 & I like both). One is a 1901 Ericsson (found an inspection sticker rolled up behind the magneto) and the other is (I presume) a late 1890's Kokomo. See pics. Any info. would be great. Thank you, Rick.

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a couple more pics  ;)

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I was a big fan of Max Headroom....


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That was M-M-Max Headroom ;)

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That is not a choice I am qualified to make, as I would find a way to keep them both!  I am kind of partial to the Kokomo, however.

If your house caught on fire, which one would you grab first?
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Hi RB and Pourme, I still am a big fan of the show (I work in TV so I can sooooo relate!).
Hi Sargeguy, for now, I will keep both until I get enough info. on them (not much on the net). As for which one to grab in a house fire...which ever is NOT bolted on the wall! :) Thanks, Rick

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Does anyone here know when Ericsson started using the "standard of the world...NY" logo on their phones? I have read that they opened the NY factory around 1908/09, yet my phone is 1901. Maybe my transmitter was replaced at a later date? The early phone makers/Cos. were good for mixing up parts over the years. Thanks, Rick.

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You can probably get some info on the Kokomo phone from the TCI library. A list of phone manufacturers with info on each was recently complied. There was a lot of effort to find pics and info on hundreds of phone companies. Should be in there. I have not used it so I can't offer help but it's there.
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