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Need wiring help!

Started by stub, February 04, 2010, 04:04:03 PM

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Hi everybody,
                     I have a step base  AE candlestick and I need to put the right dial in it. This mercedes dial only has 2 shunt springs.  All the diagrams I have looked at  show a dial with 3 shunt springs. This started out simple but I  made it more complicated than it should be, brain has been scrambled 2 times too many!!  I have it working but it has alot of sidetone!!I need to see how it should be wired.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Kenneth Stubblefield


Go here and look around. > <
Look at the wooden wall phone and there is at least one diagram with the two shunt springs in the candlestick section (Type 21).
Good luck,


Try this.  Remember that your circuit is a booster sidetone, and by definition will have more sidetone than you are perhaps used to.

-Bill Geurts
-Bill G


    Wallphone- Thanks!  

    Phonesrfun- Thanks,I think that is what I came up with also , but having never heard that much sidetone , I thought I had it wired wrong. I'll tear it down tomorrow and check to see !!! Thanks Bill !    
Kenneth Stubblefield