Author Topic: SOLD - Red Mushroom for sale by ATCA member  (Read 257 times)

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SOLD - Red Mushroom for sale by ATCA member
« on: October 23, 2018, 07:03:14 AM »
Not really an auction but this very nive Red Mushroom is being sold by a phone club member. All the information is in the for sale ad here:

Seller Description:  "Red Western Electric 500 U desk phone mushroom Nov 1958 For your consideration is this very nice Western Electric soft plastic red Model 500 U mushroom telephone. This phone is days away from being 60 years old and has a date Nov 10 1958 on the housing. One of the pictures shows all the major parts having matching dates. I have no reason to suspect that either cord has been updated. The handset cord has no nicks or abrasions but is a duller red compared to the phone body. The line cord has 4 conductors. The phone exterior has been carefully cleaned with just a moist soft cloth. I apologise for the poor pictures. The model 7C dial has been cleaned, lubricated and calibrated to 10 PPS with exactly 33/67 Make Break ratio. The receiver, transmitter and ringer are all working (tested) as they should. I have been collecting phones for over 33 years and am a member of ATCA 1635. I replaced the finger wheel with a vintage clean original part as the one found with the phone was not old enough to be an original. The paper number card is new. Other than the finger wheel, no parts have been replaced, repaired or reproduced. The plastic shows sign of wear with some very small scratches typical to use. That being said, I saw no reason to sand or try and restore the finish as its in such exceptionally good shape and original. (Perfection is the enemy of good and this phone is in great condition) The plastic is not faded. There are no cracks, chips or previous repairs in the plastic. There is a flea bite in the plastic at the rear of the phone shown in one of the pictures. The top of the handset has one visible scratch approximately long. The phone was previously in service and is neither Mint in Box (MIB) or restored to new. The base has some minor rust around a couple of the feet as shown in the pictures. I am providing a western electric wall transformer with wiring harness used for the mushroom lamp circuit and to convert the 4 prong socket to modular. With the switch pointing upwards the lamp only illuminates when the handset is lifted. When the switch is turned clockwise the lamp burns dimly when the handset is in the cradle. Once the phone is lifted off the cradle the lamp illuminates the dial brightly. The switch allows for complete blackout if the user wishes to have no light at night. Shipping will be via Canada Post. The phone will double boxed and I take great care in packing. Asking for best offer above $500 USD."
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Re: SOLD - Red Mushroom for sale by ATCA member
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 10:44:37 AM »
The phone is sold.


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Re: SOLD - Red Mushroom for sale by ATCA member
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What took so long? ;)