Author Topic: Photos From the Telephone Historical Center - Edmonton, Alberta, - December 2018  (Read 265 times)

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Afternoon all   ......   I was in Edmonton, AB over Christmas to visit family, and I had occasion to visit the "Telephone Historical Center" located in downtown Edmonton.   It's a small museum, but with a nice cross section of telephones and related equipment.   Unfortunately I didn't have my Nikon Digital SLR camera, so I used my Son's iPhone camera.    Some of the exhibits are outside of glass cabinets, and others are inside cabinets, so between the glass reflections and the fluorescent lighting, getting a decent picture was a bit of a challenge.   

I've attached a picture "pdf" of all the pictures I took while at the museum.

Enjoy the evening.

Jeff Lamb

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Very cool selection of phones! Thanks for sharing Jeff.
I have to make a trip to the local phone museum this summer.


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  • Duffy
Awesome pictures Jeff.

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You did well to get good photos with all that glass.

Some great phones and great display ideas there. I even spotted a phone or two that I actually have.

I'd like to read the info cards for the melted phones display, not something usually seen. I see Socotel S63s aplenty for a couple of euros each, not sure the family would take to a wall of melted phones on display though.  ;D

The 'test yourself' boards looked interesting too.

Thanks for sharing.  :)
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Thank you for posting the photos.

Scott K.