Author Topic: Princess push button dial stopped working.  (Read 228 times)

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Princess push button dial stopped working.
« on: March 10, 2019, 03:27:30 AM »
I've been using this white princess phone in my bedroom because it fits well on top of my headboard. (couldn't find a black one) I think I got it from someone on the forum here 7 or 8 years ago.  I mostly have older dial phones connected around the house, but I like to keep a couple of pushbutton units around for obvious reasons.

Earlier this evening, the dial just stopped working.  I dialed a couple of numbers, and then it just stopped doing anything.  When pushing a button, it mutes the dial tone, but does not break it, and does not make a beep tone. 

If anyone has an idea of what to check for, please let me know.  I'm not sure if these dials have a tendency to fail, or if I just had a wire come loose.  Of all of the dozens of Western Electric phones I've had & used, I have rarely ever had an actual component fail, other than cords, jacks, etc.

Also:  I just took the cover off to look for a loose wire and while I was fooling around with the dial, it would start working here and there, but would drop out again.  I tried to move things around and jiggle wires, and press different areas to pinpoint something that would make it function intermittently, but could not make it happen at will.  I've also tried it in different jacks with different line cords, different handset and cord, just to eliminate some things.  Nothing has been changed.  This phone has worked as is / where is for several years.

Thanks, Josh T
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Re: Princess push button dial stopped working.
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 06:04:55 AM »
It could be a polarity issue at one of your jacks,  or the wiring; you might try getting and installing a polarity guard.

Richard Rose of ericofon. com has them,  and so does Phoneco Inc..

Something else you might try is reversing the red and green wires either inside the phone,  or at the jack it's connected to.  If it dials out after doing that,  you have a polarity issue,  and getting a polarity guard and installing it might be the solution you need.


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Re: Princess push button dial stopped working.
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2019, 02:27:35 PM »
Somebody outside reversed the line in your house.