Author Topic: Rare Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph made C-10-X Cast Metal Manual Wall Phone  (Read 411 times)

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I won this on eBay last night. I was waiting to bid on it and feel asleep  :o. I woke up with 40 seconds left! Close  :o Some talk on the TCI List that is a "Frankenphone" Yes, I hate that term. Unless the receiver is incorrect, I cannot see an issue with it. I have never seen this style of wall phone, so I am very happy to get one. Your thoughts? ....Doug

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Looks really clean, almost too Clean.
But I've never seen one like this before..

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Nice compact phone. It almost looks like it is made with Western Electric parts.

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It is a war shortage phone made by LT&T. The base is cast aluminum. the parts are recycled from their old inventory.

I have one. I bought mine from Wally Tubbs, the former curator of the Frank Woods telephone museum in Lincoln (now closed)
He told me it was a war shortage set, and that there is an article about them in one of the LT&T pioneer publication.

He knew of 3. The white one he sold me, and 2 red ones, one in his collection and the other in the museum collection.
I had a bid and a snipe on this set. I would of sniped higher if it had been original paint.

Mine is packed in a box marked war shortage phones.
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Thanks Jim.....that is really good news!    ;D   ...Doug

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First time poster.  I've been collecting phones for about 20 years now, and yes I've got terminal phoneitis!  I thought I would throw in my 2 cents about this wall phone.  I live in Lincoln, and had never seen this phone until recently.  I acquired it on eBay a couple of years ago.  I didn't know anything about it, so I went to our local phone museum that Jim mentioned and saw another one.  Maybe it was the one he was able to purchase?  My phone works great.  Doug, as you can see in your telephone there are no bells inside, so on an incoming call, it makes a rather loud tapping noise.  I've lost count how many times I have jumped when that phone sounds off!  It's one of the favorite telephones in my collection. 

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Welcome to the Forum Mitch! This little guy is much heavier than expected. It does work and I called to answer to test and was shocked as I didít think there would be a ring, you are right...loud clicking or tapping sound. It is a very cool phone.

Post some pics of your collection....Welcome to the Forum...Doug

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Interesting little phone. What make the ringing noise? Is it just that brass looking bar above the model stamp that the ringer hits? Very curious.
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Very nice phone.  It reminds me of the 131 ringer.  Maybe same time period?