Author Topic: Adit 600 and Pana KX-TA824  (Read 185 times)

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Adit 600 and Pana KX-TA824
« on: May 17, 2019, 06:04:50 PM »
Hello all,

I have just purchased the Panasonic KX-TA824, so that I can run more of my old phones at once.  While I was browsing, I noticed the Adit 600.  This thing looks like it belongs on a shelf in a CO!  I went ahead and bought one with the TDM Controller, 2 FXS cards, and the router card that can do VoIP.

What are some things I can do with these two?  Can the FXO card that's sometimes available for the Adit take a CO line?  It looks like its truly a sophisticated pairgain system, and takes only TDM trunks.  Can I use a VoIP provider and cross-connect to the FXS ports or TDM channels?  Can I provide a data T1 via the router card to a CSU/DSU?

Wondering what I can do with that amazingly neat thing...