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Find of the Month - July 2019
« on: July 01, 2019, 08:31:41 AM »
Post your "Find of the Month" here.

A "Find of the Month" is a telephone or a related item that you acquired during the month that you are particularly excited about either because of its rarity, the difficulty you had in trying to find it for your collection or the exceptional "deal" that you got on it.

The "Find of the Month" contest is focused on the collection of telephones rather than on their sale for a profit. To be eligible for the "Find of the Month" contest:

- The finder must have personally acquired and actually own the item.
- The item can be acquired for free but it can not be a gift or present from anyone.
- The item (or any of its components) cannot be put up for sale during the contest period.
- Only one "Find" per owner can be in a "Find of the Month" contest.

A Nomination Should Include:

1) where and/or how the item was found.
2) the price & shipping cost.
3) the forum link to the topic discussing the find.
4) the eBay link if won there.
5) and other information of importance about the find.
6) one or two pictures of the item.
7) If the item is very cool to you for personal reasons, please share. This would be  your collection, birthday phone, phones from youth, basically, Why is that phone extra cool to you.

Ideally your item would be posted in its own thread elsewhere on the forum such as "Auction Talk", "Flea Market/Yard Sale Finds" or "Collectors Corner" Board. Then you or anyone else can nominate your "Find" to the Current "Find of the Month" thread by posting at least one picture and other details including the price paid, any shipping costs and a link to the original discussion on the forum. It is not a requirement that your find be posted elsewhere on the forum but the more details the better.

Nominations of phones listed in other forum discussion topics, by members that do not own the item but realize it is indeed a "find" worthy of being nominated as a "Find of the Month" candidate, are always welcome.

Please pick your best "Find" to submit for the month limiting your entry to one phone or one "Find" that might include limited multiple items. If you have already entered for the month and come up with something even better either submit your new find indicating that it replaces your previous entry OR you can enter your new Find in next months contest.

To check out a list of all past winners including the Find of the YEAR winners, click here:
          --> Winner's List <--

TelePlay has grabbed pictures of all of the "Find of the Month" winners since we started this back in 2010 and he has put them into albums on forum. Thanks John.  To check them out, click here:
          --> Photo Album <--

Jim S.
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Re: Find of the Month - July 2019
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2019, 11:41:58 AM »
I would like to nominate my Swedish "Nordic Blue" Ericofon.  It has a date inside of "10/60" and is in excellent condition.  I paid a total of $21.29 for it inclusive of shipping.  Richard Rose ranks this color as one of the rarest Ericofon colors on his excellent website.


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Re: Find of the Month - July 2019
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2019, 10:08:38 AM »
I will nominate my working Western Electric 299f magneto that I found at a local re-sale shop for $5.
teléfono rotatorio (my dad is spanish)