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Rotary Phone Intercom System?

Started by Mark S, July 30, 2019, 09:19:03 PM

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Mark S

I have several rotary phones that are fully functional.  I would like to inquire if anyone has successfully linked up a few of these into a functional intercom system.  Where these are going has no phone service so these phones would be off grid. I can do with a basic two- phone intercom, but three would be ideal.   The set-ups I see on video are for touch tone phones.
Thanks for any suggestions,


As long as you have the correct power unit, intercom unit, as in tone or rotary. And the power unit has ring voltage you can connect the spare pair for the ring.
Some are just tone, or just rotary, and are only low voltage signaling.
The long way answer is yes.

Jack Ryan

Assuming you have electricity, a Panasonic hybrid PABX is probably the easiest way to go.

The default programming is usually OK and it supports pulse and tone dialling. A 308 will give you 8 extensions which can all call each other so you get an 8 station intercom.

You can also use a Raspberry Pi running RasPBX but that requires setting up and ATAs that support pulse dialling.



A Linksys PAP2T can be programmed to work as an intercom system between two telephones (rotary, pushbutton or a dial-less manual phone):

Once the configuration is done, you can replace the ethernet cable with a loop-back plug and all you need to do is supply power... :)


I agree with Jack, the Panasonic PBX is probably the easiest. Just plug & play. Keep an eye on eBay and your local Craigs List, they come up cheap.
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in my system I have a WE 207KTU, its the original intercom module for the purpose you're looking for... but I haven't seen one around in a while... it also needs a multi-voltage power supply. there is info on making an intercom using phones, just google it.


I use an old desktop PC with a PCI T1 card connected to an Adtran channel bank. The computer runs Asterisk now the Freepbx distro. 23 extensions and also have a  1a2 system connected with the extensions. The Asterisk system allows mw to make 7 digit extensions along with my own virtual area code so my payphones can  communicate with their configuration software running on an old PC with a modem.


Yea, I forgot about the panasonic system. That's a great solution! Way better than what I had in mind and easy to connect.

Mark S

Thanks all!  I have ordered a Panasonic 616 on eBay.  I appreciate your input.