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Re: Japanned Finish anyone?
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I worked at Plant #13 in Anaheim, Ca. The plant opened in 1952. Shut down around 2006.


My father met my mother working at the Anderson, Indiana plant.  They married the year your plant opened.  I was there as they demolished the battery plant while the facilities were shrinking.  My aunt and cousin worked there as well.
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Re: Japanned Finish anyone?
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In 1996, I made Job related trip to the U.T.E. Facility in Indianapolis to evaluate some new equipment. While there we made a Trip to the Andersen plant. It was only like 15 miles. We got to visit the Circle Center Mall, and Take a ride around the Speedway. Also got a glimpse of the NEW electric car EV-1, even got video of it. They were offloading it from a covered trailer.
Earlier that year we made a trip to Ohio, Dayton''s Truck and Bus plant, While there we got a tornado alert, and had to go into the storm shelter below the plant.
A real strange story about the Dayton plant. We took a tour of the Blazer assembly line, and I was admiring a NEW 1996 Black Blazer. In 1998 my Mom purchased a used Blazer, it was Black. To this day I wonder is it possible I saw that very Blazer being assembled ? If I would have had ANY idea of that, I would have looked for a marker to recall.

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