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Small Collection for Sale - Not Mine.
« on: November 08, 2019, 05:27:43 PM »
Posted on the phone club lists earlier today. A non member selling a small collection. I have no interest nor any knowledge about it. Contact person listed:

Good morning, Greg!

  I respectfully request your assistance.  Somehow, my love for the old phones led me to be a "collector" (LOL).  As a result, I have 17 vintage rotary phones that I want to sell.  Would you be able to provide me any guidance or assistance in doing so?
All phones are in working order.  15 of the phones will not need any work.  There is discoloration on the 2 white phones, but they work.  I want to sell as a lot. 
My collection includes:

1-Kellogg Model 925 Bakelite (Ashtray)

1-Automatic Electric Model AE50 Bakelite (Jukebox)

1-Automatic Electric Model AE40 Bakelite

1-Western Electric Model 302 Thermoplastic (Lucy Phone)

1-Western Electric Celebrity French Style Rotary Phone Thermoplastic

1-Automatic Electric Model AE90 Rotary Wall Phone Thermoplastic

6-Western Electric Model 500 Thermoplastic

    Red, Black (2; one dated June 1957), Pink, White, and Gray

5-Western Electric Princess Rotary Phones Thermoplastic

    Pink (with working light), Red, Black, Yellow, White

  I would appreciate any guidance or feedback you can provide.

  Thanks, in advance, for your help!



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