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Yea! My Western Electric 1C Pay Phone Is Open!! New Key Source

Started by Ed Morris, March 13, 2020, 12:07:10 PM

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Ed Morris

Recently an EBay seller was selling key blanks for 29A56 locks.  When I inquired about getting the key cut, the seller referred me to another EBay seller who sells locks, keys, key blanks, and cuts the keys.

I sent him the information to cut an upper housing key for my 29A56 lock for area code 703/804.  I got the key a few days later, and it worked!

It appears this seller has blanks and can cut upper housing keys for a variety of area codes.  I sent him the key comcode and other information I had on the 29A56 lock for my area code 703/804.  He didn't say that he actually needed it, and he probably has access to all the information he needs.

The keys are cut from brass blanks, so be careful if the lock is jammed.  After turning the key clockwise to about the 4 o'clock position, I was able to turn the T key counter-clockwise to release the left side locking mechanism.  I could tell it was unlocked, but I had to use a piece of wood dowel and tap with a mallet around the upper housing to free it.

Now that I can open the upper housing, I'm not sure what I will do with the pay phone.  I had thought about just converting it to use like a regular phone, but not sure I will do anything with it just yet.

Use the EBay advanced search function and do a seller search for ATCA.  Then you can use EBay messaging to contact him if you need a key cut or a keyed lock.



Nice phone!
Made a bunch of calls on one looked just like that one.


Congrats, it's nice to be able get into the set you own. You lucked out there was area codes to go by, other wise you may halve been out of luck.
Yes ATCA is well known for his expertise and has the means to cut most keys.

Bob S

Payphone Installer Jim Engle is the greatest. Very smart. Has a beautiful collection of phones and parts.


I have tried messaging this ATCA guy on ebay and he does not answer back.  I have tried 3 seperate times.  Is there anyone else that can do the same with the keys.


He is on here as Payphone Installer. Try messaging him here.

I am on eBay but I do not check it all the time so I miss messages a lot and even sales once in a while ;D
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Shame that payphones are mostly gone.  I used them fairly often, even when I had a cell phone.  In San Francisco, my hometown, cell phones often won't work outside due to the trolley wires.  Payphones almost ALWAYS worked.